Black Sea Energy Cluster

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Black sea energy cluster (BSEC) was established on 29.08.2011 as a nongovernmental organization. BSEC members are 7 companies and 3 NGO-s. The main goal of BSEC is to develop complete solutions for intelligent energy efficiency measures for buildings and industrial systems. Members of BSEC are companies with experience in field of:

  • buildup of energy management systems and SMART networks;
  • buildup of photovoltaic systems for own energy needs and/or connected to the grid;
  • design of electrical, monitoring and SMART grids and equipment;
  • energy efficiency audits of buildings and industrial systems;
  • software for energy monitoring and management;

Sustainable energy development is one of the top priorities of the European Union. There are many possibilities for financing projects for effectively use of energy. Here is the point to have NGO-s as members. Our NGO members have significant expertise on development and implementation of EU projects. 

We established BSEC to propose high quality solutions for every possibility for energy efficiency measures in buildings and industrial systems, and to ensure finance under EU programs. 


phone+359 52 611 911, +359 889596507

addressBulgaria, Varna, 9000, 4 “Preslav” str. 3rd floor

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