The Association of Business Clusters (ABC) is an organization that unites and protects the interests of clusters in Bulgaria.


The organization was established in 2009 by the leading cluster in the country. Currently the ABC consists of 16 clusters from the following sectors: Information and Communication Technologies, Automotive and Electric Vehicles, Health and Health Tourism, Maritime Industry, Mecatronics and Automatization, Textiles Industry, Furniture Industry, Horizontally Integrated Technologies and Systems, Brokers, Couriers, Green Freight Transport.


Association of business clusters aims to unite the efforts of Bulgarian clusters for their dynamic development in accordance with European standards for the formation and establishment of Bulgarian national standards and traditions in clusters policy.


To accomplish its mission ABC:

  1. will develop and actively participate in preparation of strategies and policies, concerning with social and economic development of the Country;
  2. will investigate, create and maintain a national, European and international database of clusters;
  3. will develop, coordinate and realize projects for regional, social and economic development, cluster development, cross-border cluster cooperation and projects, financed in national, European and international programs;
  4. will realize direct connections and mutually beneficial cooperation with partners from Bulgaria and abroad;
  5. will realize membership in national and international unions and organizations;
  6. will organize seminars, round tables, discussion panels, trainings for increasing the information and qualification of ABC leaders;
  7. will consult companies, institutions and organizations, interested in cluster foundation and development;
  8. will organize and participate in regional, national and international forums;
  9. will accomplish another tasks, assigned from the General Assembly or separate members;


1. Organizational and Financial Development of ABC
1.1. Development of the administrative capacity
1.2. Development of  membership in ABC
1.3. Improving of financial status

2. More Competitiveness and Innovations
2.1. Support of State policy for competitiveness and inovations
2.2. Partnership between business and universities and research centers
2.3. Programs and tools for financing of research and innovations

3. Stable Development of Entrepreneurship and Clusters
3.1. Support of the State policy for cluster development
3.2. Support of clusters organizations and management
3.3. Promotion of cross-sector and cross-cluster cooperation

4. Support of the Export Development of the County
4.1. Analysis and evaluation of the export potencial of clusters
4.2. Development of the insitutional environment for supporting export
4.3. Attraction of financial resources for export development

5. Better Recognition of Clusters in Business and Society
5.1. Promotion of best practises for cluster development
5.2.Partnership with employers, industry and professional organizations
5.3. Recogniton and positioning of ABC in the European cluster space